Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

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A smooth and creamy wheat beer for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I picked this beer up at the local Cost Plus World Market where they were having a deal to design your own six-pack for less than two dollars a bottle.  Not a bad deal, so I picked up four new beers for myself and two Woodchuck ciders for the girlfriend.  This Franziskaner is the first of the four bottles that I’ll be reviewing this week.

For a hefeweizen, this is remarkably un-bright, but in a good way.  It lacks the acidity or punch that other hefeweizens come with, due to the extra orange flavors added during the bottling process or when being served with a slice of orange (as an American tradition).  What it lacks in “brightness,” it makes up for in creaminess in texture, almost like a glass of cold milk.

The Franziskaner is not bright orange like some American hefeweizens; it pours a nice hazy, light-brown liquid whose cloudiness is emphasized when you pour the yeast sediment from bottle to the glass.  Some prefer not to do this, but I like to as I think it adds flavor to the beer.

As for flavor, it is nice and wheaty (of course!), like liquid bread with just a hint of bananas.  The banana-like quality will trick you into thinking that it’s sweeter than it actually is.  I suppose you could add citrus if you prefer to brighten it up a little, but I like the understated flavors here.

I’m taking it easy today, waiting for the end of Lost as the series finale is tonight.  I’m having an enjoyable day and relaxing with an enjoyable beer.

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